Digitalisation of Rural Tourism in Europe

We help with the promotion and development of guesthouses, wineries and regions

We attract tourists from all over the world

Possible payment from future sales


Guest housekeeping, taking calls and greeting guests, cooking, cleaning, tours, including marketing and fundraising.

Everyone has to do their own thing!

85% of guesthouse owners take care of everything themselves

As a result, the quality and quantity of tourists and the level of service provided suffer. As a result, the hard work does not pay off and hosts do not have enough energy for themselves and their families.

Who and how we can help and Airbnb account setup

Guesthouses, hotels, wineries, restaurants

Audit and consultancy

Creating and launching an advertising campaign

Creating photo and video content

Questioning guests before and after accommodation

Create one-day itineraries for guests

Writing articles for the media

Creating websites

Writing projects for grants

Creating a chatbot

Working with influencers

Creation of the Call Center service (en, ru)

Regional government organisations

Smart Destination Development

Data collection and analysis

Organisation of a tourism accelerator

Development of a regional booking platform

Organisation of concerts and festivals

Developing promotion strategies

Projects we are proud of

Teleportravel is a travel platform where anyone can share their route and tourists can find new and unexplored places using an online guide.

Cahul district tourist platform with all guesthouses and entertainment services, with online booking and payment options.

With this app you have everything at your fingertips - from tourist attractions and local events to culinary and accommodation options in Slănic Moldova.

Who we are

It is predicted that more and more city dwellers will opt for rural tourism in the near future.

Specialising in IT, marketing and tourism

Over 15 years of experience

Our task is to train guesthouse owners to properly organize their business in this industry, which in turn will enhance the economic development of the whole country.

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